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The Pub Quiz – Results & Winners!

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by joel


Ok, fair dos, the Port80 cherub has been a little slack here but he/she has eventually got off their polished, tiny, golden bottom and is making amends. So, without further ado, here are the winners to the Pub Quiz (well, ‘without further ado’ but interspersed with me pimping stuff).

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At last month’s year’s Winter Localhost event we had a pub quiz which a shed load of you entered…so let’s take a look at your glorious answers…

1) What was the score line when Wales destroyed England during this last year’s 6 Nations tournament?

The actual, glorious answer was 30-3 (“this never happened” said Craig Gardener – of yes it did! No David Randall, it was not luck!).

Update: this joke is obviously less funny after this year’s tournament. That’ll learn* the cherub for tempting fate.

(*yes, I know it’s wrong, it’s just what we sez around ‘ere).

2) Please list the planets of the solar system (smallest to largest)?

@tinocellupica: 'Uranus'

@tinocellupica: ‘Uranus’

Pluto is no longer a planet but I wasn’t going to be anal about it (and more about arses in a moment).

So, here we (starting with the smallest): (Pluto), Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus (yup!), Saturn, Jupiter.

Katherine Cory mentions her ‘very easy method just speeds up naming planets’…and then didn’t name any.

Rachel Schillcock must get a mention here because of her lovely entry (personally the cherub would have gone for an ordered list though 😉

@missrachilli: Uranus (again)

@missrachilli: Uranus (again)

A special mention goes to Gaz Parry who simply, but firmly, answered with a ‘no‘.

Final thanks should go to all of you who also decided to go the school pun route: Dan Edwards simply stated “Myanus – Uranus“, Craig Gardener “Uranus (your anus) (bum hole)“. Poetry in motion.

3) Who was the 35th President of the USA?

This answer was JFK.

The answer was not:

  • Arnie
  • Zeldman
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Steve Jobs
  • Some random dude with beard

But the insane prize for this category has to go to Gavin Filmer for his (I hope) random answer of ‘Terry Venables‘.

4) What does PHP stand for?

It looks like the pure answer is ‘PHP Hypertext Processor‘ but I’ve got “Personal Home Pages” lodged in my brain so I’ve been kinda lenient.

Peter Carless maybe hit the nail on the head though with “Please Help Please?!“.  Mark Bucknell was more direct with “Putrid Horrific Poison”. Odd ball entry goes to someone from Romania who stated “Pretty Huge Penis“. Ahem!

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5) What s the national currency of Egypt?

The correct answer here is the Egyptian Pound but we shouldn’t let that distract us from the (literal) goldmine of answers which included ‘sand‘ (thanks Graham Dobie) Pyramids (how many pyramids for a pint of milk please guv?”) and the even more enticing ‘mummys‘.

6) A Blackberry handheld device is good for what purpose?

A bit naughty this question. Especially since I was once a proud Curve owner for a good while. Popular answers included:

  • a gift
  • a coaster
  • exploring deep space

But best answer goes to Mark Bucknell for ‘Appreciating your iPhone so much more..“.

7) Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not set foot on the Moon?

The correct answer was Michael Collins; who’s role as Command Module Pilot left him orbiting the Moon whilst Aldrin and Armstrong descended to the lunar surface for their history making adventure.

Incorrect answers included:

  • Buzz Lightyear (popular vote)
  • Joel Hughes (nice idea Steve)
  • George Clooney
  • Peter Andrew (Gavin, again)
  • Phil Collins
  • My mate Dave (ok Matthew, you win the crazy horse prize

The really, really, really incorrect answer was anything which even hinted that the Moon landings were faked: Mud, KatherineJaymie, I’m looking at you. I can pretty much guarantee Moon landing hoax theorists won’t win a prize; now that is a conspiracy!

8) Which national team introduced ‘Total Football” at the 1974 World Cup in Germany?

Correct answer was: Holland / Netherlands.

Incorrect answers included:

  • Not ‘The Mighty Ducks” (Gaz Parry).
  • Ben Meyrick decided to flaunt his youth with “I was born in 1991. F**k knows“.
  • Emily Pankhurst would have been proud of this answer: “I’m a chick, I don’t know about these things
  • Fiji
  • Bolton Wanderers (ok, you win)

Well done to Javier from Spain, Val, Peter, Matt Northam and all of you who got his one right.

9) What is the Greek word for ‘fire’?

Pyro is the answer on my card but I was happy to accept “pyra‘.

Interesting answers included:

  • “Maximo Flamo” (nice one, Dan)
  • Hotas
  • Burnos
  • Tofu
  • Pasta” (wtf?!)
  • Bernard” (wtf again?!)

Special mention to Matthew Phillips for this calligraphic beauty:

Greek word for 'Fire'?

10) Mariposa, Motyl, Farfalla, Borboleta, Papillion and Summerfugi are European words for what?

A = Butterfly

Incorrect answers included:

  • slippers
  • cheese
  • bang tidy
  • teabagging
  • prison
  • Your mum (wtf?)

Special thanks to Christina from Romania with this lovely drawing:

Thanks to Christina for this lovely drawing

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11) The Andrea Gail is an ill-fated ship in which film?

No, not Titanic  or the ship from the Poseidon Adventure (which was called, unsurprisingly, ‘The Poseidon‘) but the boat from a Perfect Storm (not a great film I admit). Rocky V and Das Boot were also incorrect.

12) The name of which American rock band was also the term used by Allied pilots in WWII to describe UFOs?

Foo Fighters! You all pretty much smashed that one out of the park.

13) Who discovered the ‘Box Model Hack”?

The correct answer was Tantek Celik.

Some of you plumbed for other web heavyweights such as Dan Cederholm, Eric Meyer, Peter-Paul Koch, and even Dr Web himself (Zeldman) got a mention. Oddly, I got a mention (thanks Gaz) but no, twaz not me.

And no, Matthew Phillips, it wasn’t Ricky Hatton.

14) In Greek mythology, after being spurned by Nacrcissus, which heart broken nymph pined away until only her voice remained?

The correct answer was ‘Echo‘.

Miley Cyrus‘ was, oddly, a popular answer; cropping up quite a few times – am I missing something here?

15) Which hero’s arch enemy is Dr. Robotnik?

Sonic the Hedgehog. You gamers did well here.

16) What is the well know Arabic word for “The Island” or ‘The Peninsula”?

The answer you were looking for was ‘Al Jazeera‘.

Many of you pointed out that it wasn’t ‘well known‘ if you didn’t know it – well played.

Special mention to Val for this work of art:


17) Which pre-Italian Renaissance painter could draw a perfect circle and had a European space mission named after him.

Giotto. Not Picasso, And certainly not Walt Disney,Il Duce, Buffy, Spongebob Square Pants or Mozart.

18) What is the name of the foreboding island in King Kong?

Skull Island.

(Thanks to Geraldine for spotting the spelling error forboding instead of foreboding). You have been eliminated from the quiz for spureous(sic) miscellaneious(sic) reasons).

19) Which worry prone film character is fluent in more than 6,000,000 forms of communication?

I was surprised how many folks got this wrong as I worried it was a little easy. No, the answer was not Marvin the Paranoid Android but it was in fact the more golden (and more annoying) C-3PO. Great to see ‘Dusty Bin‘ get a nice mention (what are you drinking, Matt Ridding? 😉

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20) What is my favourite colour?

Ok, this is a tricky one I admit; normally I’d say blue so let’s go with that. Clever answers went to Mud AND Rachel Shillcock for thinking that my fave colour might be associated with one of Jack Franklin‘s jumpers; but no. Gaz decided to be cryptic again with his answer: “You have two“. ‘Puke green‘ was never going to be right.

And the winners are….

The two main prizes are courtesy of the lovely folks at Five Simple Steps. Colin, Marta, please chose which pocket guide collection pack you’d like:

  1. UK: Colin Rotherham
  2. Overseas: Marta Armada from Spain

And special prizes of ‘Collection 1‘ pocket guide go to:

  1. Val (for his lovely handwriting & drawing)
  2. Gavin (for his insane answers)

So that about wraps it up! Oh, hang on, need to pimp some stuff:

  1. Port80 2014 is coming up in May, we have some great speakers – check it out.
  2. The Business of Web Design‘ is a new conference aimed at agency owners and freelancers. Check out our line up. Coming to Cardiff in July.
  3. There is no Handheld this year but Craig is running something even better: check out TheWeb.Is

The next Localhost will be in August. Oh, and we’re probably going to run some hands on workshops in September so please shout out if you’d like to know more.



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