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Spring Localhost 2013

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by joel

Happy new year everyone! I hope Santa visited you; a cherished present I had was a poster from Atari signed by Mr Nolan Bushnell himself – nice 🙂

Anyway, it’s 2013 so it’s time for me to start thinking of all things Port80. The speakers for the big May event (& the tickets) will be announced shortly but first I just want to get the Spring* Localhost launched which is coming up fast on Thursday the 7th of February (evening event: 18:30 to 20:30)

(*I realise that calling February ‘Spring’ is a stretch but bear with me…)

Tickets available on Eventbrite for a pathetic £4!

Spring Localhost Speakers

I’ll get to the speakers in a mo but first I’ll apologise for not having their talk titles in here; I’ll get those sorted as soon as the emails land until then you’ll just have to let your imagination run riot as to what these crazy horses will say/do; it will obviously be web related…well, apart from Zach…he really is crazy!

Update: all done!

Emma Boulton

“Getting to know your audience doesn’t need to be difficult”

Good web designers and developers appreciate the importance of understanding the audience they are designing or building a website or app for but of course there isn’t always budget or time available to undertake in depth user research on every project. Emma shares her hints, tips and practical advice for including user research in any size of project.

Emma Boulton spends her days juggling the demands of her two small businesses and two small children. At work she’s a strange combination of company director, UX researcher, and commissioning editor. At home she just tries to make it through to bedtime without too much chaos. In a calmer, previous life, she spent far too long working for the BBC in their audience research department.

Zach Inglis

“Design, for Everyone!”

Whether you have an interest in learning design, or working with designers, it’s a handy skill to know. Zach carries on his fight of making design accessible for everyone.

Zach is a designer/developer c-c-combo and has worked at some of the top companies in his field despite having no formal training. He runs his tiny agency, Superhero Studios in Cardiff and building his startup

Carey Hiles

“Whine, Lose or Draw: Spec Work Sucks!”

Whine, lose or draw, spec work sucks but if you do it right, it can form a genuine learning and development programme. Carey will talk about applying agile techniques to the process of pitching for business and make sure you win even when you lose.

Carey is the Development Manager at Box UK. In a role that straddles the guts of software development and board-level strategic decision-making, Carey has a much deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts of software than many other web specialists, with a particular interest in large system design, scalability and commoditization of web technology

Money, money

Don’t stone me but sadly the Localhost events will have to be charged for; they will move from ‘free‘ to ‘minimal charge’ for the following reasons:

  1. The university charge me for use of the room; so far I’ve paid for this (aw bless!)
  2. Some people book tickets, the event sells out & then just don’t show up = unfair on folks who wanted to come

However, this isn’t a money-grabbing affair, this is just to cover bare bones room cost cost and help keep bums on seats. The cost per ticket will be:

£4 only!

…yes, that’s £4. Four whole pounds. Four of your British currency slabs.

>> Book your ticket via eventbrite <<

What are you waiting for?


Port80 Localhost Winter 2012

Posted on: December 14th, 2012 by joel

Well, the final Port80 event of 2012 drew to close in November and it was nice to see so many people brave the darkening nights and dropping temperature to  listen to some web related talks. Funny to think there was NO Port80 concept 12 months ago…

James Scrimshire spoke about Agile project management.

I prattled on about hosting (I cannot find my slides! They weren’t exactly a thing of beauty but still!)

Laura Sanders spoke about her blog and the whole area of content generation.

Many, many thanks to James & Laura for their hard work which paid off with some great, engaging talks.

So, that’s it for 2012 folks! Dates for your 2013 diary are:

7th Feb 2013 – Spring Localhost

10th May 2013 – Port80 2013 (the big one!) Ticktets on sale in Jan

Speakers for both events are confirmed and will be announced shortly.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody & a happy new year!


p.s. if you’re around Zooport tonight, there will be a few of us in The Murenger around 19:30

Some Photos…

James Scrimshire

James Scrimshire

Photo 29-11-2012 20 17 41

Laura Sanders


First Localhost event: 29th Aug 2012

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by joel

Hi all, I’m pleased to finally get a date for the first localhost event. If you remember these are free, evening events just to have a bit of a meet up and to discuss a few things web related.

Wednesday 29th Aug 18:00-20:00 (perhaps an ale after 😉

Apologies for the delay with this but I’ve had the devil’s own job finding a nice place in central Newport with WIFI etc. The university is a wonderful building but it’s slightly tricky to book.

It’ll kick off at 18:00 and be finished by 20:00 (I would have preferred 9 but the building closes early during term time).

We’ve got a nice room at the Uni (no, not the same lecture hall that Port80 was in), just a small tutorial room with a projector etc.

(free) tickets can be found on Eventbrite 

Oh, and if you’d like to:

  • suggest a topic for discussion
  • talk about someting
  • or have any other ideas

Then please shout out


Localhost events

Posted on: April 1st, 2012 by joel

The main Port80 event for this year, once far off, is now rapidly turning into a much bigger blip on the radar. However I’m already looking beyond that event and into what might fill in the gaps between the main yearly conference. Say hello to “port80 Localhost events”.

The Localhost events are completely different to the main port80 event in a few ways:
– they will (probably) be monthly
– they will be in the early evening
– they will be (probably only) one topic/speaker
– they will be free
– they’ll last about an 1hr or so
– they will be small in size

These events will be probably be held at one of the university’s smaller rooms as the audience size here will be much smaller 8 – 15+ people. This will also help put such topics etc onto the radar of students etc.

The sort of topics will be vast & varied; depends on what suggestions come up but here’s a couple:
– Node.js demo
– Arduino/Rasperberry PI: what’s the fuss?
– design workflow in a responsive world
– mobile apps to help freelancers
– creating a low entry products for clients
– marketing via social media
– branding: a crash course for freelancers
…and more

You get the idea.

As I say, the events will not last for hours so that’ll give us time to have a drink & a catch up after. Good for the community spirit 🙂

I’ll be on the look out for for:
– topics
– speakers

If you’re interested, please shout out.


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