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Port80 Localhost – Summer – next week

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by joel

So, the first port80 localhost event has snuck up on us and is due to land next Wednesday (the 29th of Aug) around 18:00 here in Newport.

All the free tickets are sold out (unless I can shake a few loose from people who cannae attend anymore).

This event is sold out! Please bring your eventbrite details with you as this will be needed for registration.


You need to head on over to the University of Wales City Campus (same venue as the port80 in May). Aim to get their for 17:45 which means you can find room C25 and I can register you in good time.

This foursquare list shows a map of key things in Newport including where the city campus is (big building with a dodgy roof next to the murky river).

When you get to the main entrance of the Uni there will (supposedly) be signs directing you to the room (C25)


This is an evening event running from 18:00 to 20:00* BUT please turn up around 17:45 so we can get registration out of the way.

(*I’d have preferred to finish a little later but as this is non-term time the building shuts a little early – for the localhost events in Nov and Feb I’ll try to keep them to term time so we’ve got a bit more leeway).


There will be a registration desk outside of room C25 (probably manned by yours truly). Please bring your eventbrite ticket.

Because of health & safety etc we’re restricted on numbers so please make sure you have your eventbrite information with you. Please don’t turn up unless you have an eventbrite ticket.

The running order

We’ve already announced the line up for the evening and the timings I’m aiming for are as follows:

  • 17:45 registration
  • 18:00 Hello & announcements
  • 18:10 Ollie Wells – ‘Content; it’s not just for Christmas
  • 18:45 Benjamin Reid – ‘Make your coding Sublime
  • 19:20 Rob Mills – ‘Content First FTW
  • 19:55 Closing ceremony

Obviously these timings are finger in the air and it all could go Pete Tong. If some talks end early then cool, we’ve got a bit more time for other folks to over run or for general questions at the end (however, 120 minutes will pass pretty darn quickly!)

All the talks will be different as this is very much an informal, forum based event. some may be presentations, some may be demonstrations, some may be interview/discussions – it’s pretty much up to the speaker.

Obviously I’ll reserve the right for timings to change as it can be impacted by how aggressively the Uni want to shut at 20:00 etc – anyway, I’m sure we’ll muddle through 🙂

Post event

I’ll be heading over to Ye Olde Murrenger with whoever will follow me for a Samuel Smith’s ale or two.

Post post event

I’ll be getting feedback from all attendees so we can learn from this first outing and ply that into the upcoming ‘localhost’ Nov & Feb events.

Closing Remarks

Thanks again to everyone who has kindly donated their time to make this event happen. Mucho appreciated.

Thanks to the attendees for taking time out to come along and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Please shout out if you have any questions or if I’ve missed owt out.


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