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Port80 2013 – Round Up

Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by joel

Port80 2013 was a week ago today so that seems a good point to get out a closing ceremony blog out there…

First up let’s give you links to the speakers slides

Videos will be online at some point (nudge nudge Jess).

You should also check out the fantastic sketch notes which Kevin Mears put on his blog – what a talented chap!

Photos (by Paul Cornish) are now up on Flickr (some random ones in the slideshow below).




    I’m not going to do a lengthy feedback form but please email me or tweet me if you have any thoughts about the event; especially stuff which can help make it a sell out event again next year. If there are any topics you’d like to see covered, if there is anyone you’d like to hear speak etc then please shout out.

    My personal feedback next year is that I’m going to get some more help setting up and running the event! By spending most of the day in “organisation mode” you tend to miss some of the fun of the day – still, I made up for it by beating Jack Franklin in a dance off 😉

    What’s next?

    There will be a Port80 2014 – I’ll be booking the venue shortly.

    The next Port80 Localhost event will be on Aug the 22nd – more details soon.

    This year we have a special Winter Localhost as it’ll be tied in the Handheld conference, we’ll be doing the day before mini, evening, event thingy.

    I’m also mulling a sort of “back to school” event in Sept. No conference, just affordable, hands on workshops to help skill up after the summer break. This will only work if I can get some decent sponsors on board. If you have any thoughts, please get in touch.


    A massive thanks to everyone who attended. The conference market is pretty crowded and the fact that you took time out, put your hand in your pocket and helped make #port80 2013 the special day it was, makes all the difference. Thank you.

    Massive thanks to all the speakers – they did an absolutely fantastic job. A really interesting mix of talks reflecting the whole spectrum of topics.

    Big thanks to Russ Britton for his organisation help on the day and for the University of South Wales for their lovely venue; special thanks to Emma Burnell for her fantastic help as events co-ordinator & to Sean Hambleton for his a/v & venue set up expertise. Oh, and big #port80 ‘best of luck‘ to Emma who is expecting a baby and won’t be around for #port80 2014.

    Thanks also to my wife Jess for being in charge of the video filming (more details on that soon) and to Paul Cornish for his photography skills.

    Final thanks to the sponsors of Memset, Hearth Internet, Newport City Council and Five Simple Steps.

    See you next year



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