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Port80 2013 – Call for speakers/topics

Posted on: October 29th, 2012 by joel

Flush from the success of the inaugural Port80 event back in May (doesn’t that seem a long time ago now?), there is a new one booked for the 10th of May 2013 and we’ll be back at the City Campus in Newport.

Given the event was sold out this year, there was an opportunity to think bigger but, after some soul searching, I decided to keep it small & friendly for the time being.

The general ethos for the whole Port0 thang is that it’s about practical, common sense, grass roots advice from those at the front line of delivery web projects (in all areas).¬†And not just developers – we all want to produce better work, work we are proud of, work our clients love, work that makes the world a better place (a lofty goal I suppose but why not) – and that involves many roles; from design to dev to content to PM etc etc.


I’m on the look out for people to speak on the following topics (or to suggest others):

  1. Handling images responsively (responsibly?) *sorted*
  2. Lessons from the front line of responsive/adaptive design
  3. Grids: what the hell are they & why we need them?
  4. Project workflow
  5. Running projects & insuring that you still earn a living
  6. Content: we know it’s King. Tell us why & how we can help
  7. Practical user experience
  8. Audience research
  9. Tools & techniques
  10. [____________________] // write your topic here…on your screen…in marker pen

Who would I like to speak?

I’ve got a list of people who I’d like to target & I will be reaching out shortly.

However, I am always open to offers so please don’t be shy.

I see women speakers in the minority at events and I’m trying to change that for this event. Therefore, I’m particularly interested in talking to more female speakers.

This will be a paid gig.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested then please contact me with all the relevant details ie what you’d like to speak about and something about your background.

I’m very, *very* grateful for anyone offering to speak but, obviously, I’ll be unable to say yes to everyone. But there are opportunities to speak at Port80 Localhost events as well.

My plan is to start conversations with interested people in the coming weeks so we can start the new year with a firm line up.

Oh, and if you know of anyone who you’d like to hear speak then please also shout out.

Thanks guys


p.s. it’s half term this week so I’m heading out with the kids to Legoland shortly (yes!) so please don’t think me rude if I’m slow replying for a few days.


2 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    The thing I particularly liked about this years event is the wide range of subject areas covered. I could come along and as a developer there were several talks I could take something away from.

    This list seems to be squarely angled at web design/ux types – which is fine if the event is only for web designers/uxers. But, given it’s for the “web industry” – I’d like to see something in the mix for developers.

    PS. Fix the broken countdown timer on the frontpage.

    • Joel_Hughes says:

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for the offer to talk – please can you email me with some suggestions. I’ve been inundated with ideas so I’ll be ploughing through those in the coming weeks.

      I’ll mull your point about developers and look back over the topic list – as you say, I’m after a mix here.

      Also, thanks for the nudge about the clock, you’ve mentioned it before I know. It’s a bit slack but there are a load of developments due on the Port80 website and I’d rather wrap that up into one release as the Port80 2013 looms larger on the radar.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment


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