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Become a speaker for Port 80 2016 *closed*

Posted on: November 21st, 2015 by Mike Gearon

Thank you for showing your interest in becoming a speaker for Port80 this year. However we have now picked our speakers. We may be running another conference in 2017, so please follow us on our social media channels for more information in the future.

After a year off (phew!), Port80 is back for a 4th time on the 20th of May 2016. This is a great year to reboot this friendly, pocket sized, web conference as its home base, Newport, is itself going through a lot of changes with the ongiong redevelopment at Friar’s Walk etc (hurray for Newport!).

Our first job for organising the conf, is to get the speakers lined up; now we already have some people in mind but, as usual, we do want to throw it open to all.

However, before you put your hand up, please can you take a look at the following…

Port80 is a generalist conference for those who either design/build websites, maintain them, or who are just plain old interested. At the moment nothing is fixed in terms of schedule but talks will be around 40 minutes long.

It’s not a hard core coders conference ­but that’s not to say that some talks might be more technical in nature than others. From personal experience I know that not every talk will resonate with everybody in the audience, but all talks should be geared towards a generalist audience and try to be as inclusive as possible; e.g. feel free to propose a talk on what IP6 means to the web community; but please make it accessible.

A key focus for Port80 is ‘​practical’. ​Practical not just in terms of ‘h​ands on’​ but in terms of folks walking away from each talk with a nugget which can help them in their role the very next day. Many of our audience will be either freelancers or working in smaller creative agencies; so gearing your talk towards such an audience will be useful.

The Theme for 2016

If there is a theme for Port80 2016, it is the future. Where are we going? What new technologies do we need to know about? What’s changed which is important? How do we need to adapt to keep up the ever changing web landscape? How can we be better at what we do (and happier whilst doing it)?

Port80 welcomes speakers from all backgrounds. If you are nervous about putting your name forward, don’t worry ­ we’re a friendly crowd in Newport ­(you are amongst friends).

Examples of the types of topics we’d like talk proposals on are:

    • ­ The state of play with web CMSs (beyond WordPress)
    • CRM integration
    • Creating smarter, more effective websites ­
    • Other Analytics (beyond GOOGLE)
    • Understanding client requirements ­
    • Charging; how to make money
    • Latest news in terms of practical A11Y ­
    • When and why to use SVG?
    • Practical IA and UX techniques
    • Content Strategy for the freelancers ­
    • Best practices for working with clients
    • Fostering an awesome working environment
    • The future of web design
    • Process; what works for you ­
    • etc etc etc



How to Apply

From previous experience, we know that sifting through LOADS of random talk requests can be really hard work! So, to make it easier for us, please can you: ­

    • ­Bare in mind what we’ve said above
    • Tell us a little about yourself
    • Tell us which topic/area(s) you’d like to talk on


Please sent talk proposals (or any questions) to Mike who’ll be handling this side of things. Please also follow Port80 on Twitter for latest updates.

Thanks & see you in May.

Joel & Mike

p.s. if you know of anyone you think would be a good fit speak at Port80 2016, please point them this way.


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