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Port 80 2013

Date: 10 May 2013

About the Event

Our big event for 2013. An all day web fest with 8 great speakers including: Andy Davies,  Jack Franklin, Robin Christopherson, Paul Lloyd, Rachel Shillcock, Sophie Dennis, Benjy Stanton & Matt Andrews.

We’ll be located again at Newport University’s City Campus building next to the crystal clear mud brown river.

We’re looking to organise a shindig in the evening so more details on that coming soon.

Grab a ticket when you can – they will go fast.

Update: Earlybird tickets all sold out on the first day.

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Update: Andy Davies are is running a workshop on the day before (“Practical Website Speed“).

Update: the running order for the day can be found here

p.s. here’s a video of last year’s event to whet your appetite

The Speakers

Jack Franklin (@Jack_Franklin)

Talk: Practical JavaScripting

This talk will focus on practical advice to improve your JavaScript. We’ll look at JavaScript optimisation, tools that do a lot of the work for you, ways to make your code more robust, manageable and how to test it. We’ll also look at the future of JavaScript, what we can expect in the near future and how these enhancements can help us write even better code.


Jack is a JavaScript and Ruby developer based in London. He writes about JavaScript regularly on the JavaScript Playground and is also the author of "Beginning jQuery". He's written for many publications and will ramble about JavaScript to anyone prepared to listen. He rants on the internet as @Jack_Franklin.

Jack is also running some Javascript workshops on the day before.

Andy Davies (@andydavies)

Talk: Making Mobile Sites Faster

The mobile web isn’t just a small screen experience, it’s can be a flakey network, fat site and frustrating experience too!

Digging into networks, browsers and the way we build sites, Andy will illustrate how these factors affect our visitors’ experience and approaches we can take to overcome them.


Andy is a freelance consultant, he focuses on helping organisations to measure and improve the performance of their websites.

Andy is also running a web performance workshop on the day before.

Benjy Stanton (@benjystanton)

Talk: Crafting Animation on the Web

Animation on the web has had a shady past, but with advances in CSS and mobile devices, its time has come again. Benjy will be taking a look at animation principles, design techniques and ways to incorporate movement early on in the workflow, to help create better experiences for our users.


Benjy Stanton studied animation at Uni and dreamt of working at Pixar, but after graduating he got sucked into the world of web design and hasn't looked back since. These days (when he's not changing nappies or watching Peppa Pig) he's a designer at James Good where his main roles are designing websites and arguing about font-size.

Rachel Shillcock (missrachilli)

Talk: How to discover your inner superhero

A superhero is described as somebody that possesses “extraordinary or superhuman powers“. In a way, I see every one of us as a superhero – working for the greater good and with something special that we can give back to ourselves, our clients and our industry. But just like when the Avengers were thwarted by Loki, we can face many obstacles – some even hidden from view. And just like Thor has his hammer, Iron Man his suits and Captain America his shield, we all have different tools that help us do our job. But until we understand these tools and we have a better understanding of our own true value, we can’t craft work that makes a difference for our clients. I’m going to talk about how we can learn to make a differenceand how to understand what makes us all a web superhero in our own right.


Rachel is a very northern, very talkative and very Twitter-addicted freelance web designer from Manchester. Focusing on designing for the web, Rachel is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and is passionate about all things web, design and community related. Rachel is also a published logo designer and regularly writes for the .net magazine Expert Panel. Outside of work, Rachel has a slight obsession with superheroes, crafts and animals - in particular monkeys, dogs and pandas.

Matt Andrews (@mattpointblank)

Talk: Responsive design at the Guardian

It’s the most talked-about web development technique of the past few years and it’s officially reached the mainstream: responsive web design is being used by huge content sites like the Boston Globe, the BBC, Channel 4, and now the Guardian.

We’ll learn about the process of converting a site consisting of over three million articles, hundreds of components, dozens of templates and two domains into a single responsive webpage. What challenges did we face? What have we done about the mythical “responsive ads”? What do we wish we’d known before we started? How did we make it scalable?

Finally, we’ll cover quick tips and tools that can help any site make the switch towards a future-friendly design, whether it’s the Guardian or your personal blog.



Matt Andrews is a client-side web developer at the Guardian in London. His interests include road cycling, typography, music (he runs a webzine in his spare time), craft beer, and learning to play the banjo. When he's not pondering the future of digital journalism he's likely to be found ranting earnestly on his blog about something or messing around with homebrew beer (with varying degrees of success).

Paul Lloyd (@paulrobertlloyd)

Talk: This is for Everyone

Constantly viewed through the lens of other media, design on the web has remained constrained by the rituals of print and latterly a desire to mimic native applications. With the help of Doctor Who and the Avengers, I’ll show you how the web’s underlying principles can inform our designs and help us deliver experiences that are true to the nature of the web.


Paul is a graphic designer specialising in interaction design and front-end web development. Having worked for small design agencies in England and burgeoning start-ups in California, he soon realised which he preferred, so settled in Brighton where he now works for Clearleft. He writes about design, travel and more on his website and maybe one day he’ll say something sensible on Twitter.

Robin Christopherson (@USA2DAY)

Talk: Everybody Technology - The Power and the Promise

Robin will be talking about (but more importantly demonstrating) the truly empowering nature of technology – and in particular mobile-ready technology. From AI to robots, from apps to wearables he’ll be showing how inclusive technology has the power to change and even transform people’s lives regardless of ability or environment. Will you be part of the Everybody Technology future?


After Cambridge University, Robin worked as an IT instructor for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and became a founding member of AbilityNet in 1998. Now globally acclaimed as leading experts in the field, AbilityNet specialises in accessibility auditing and disabled user testing, as well as helping clients design attractive websites and apps that are both accessible and easy to use by all.

Despite being blind, Robin uses technology very effectively using speech output to access computers, the internet, his iPhone and many other technologies to assist him in his work. Current projects include raising awareness through blogging and a busy public speaking schedule in the UK, Europe and the US.

Sophie Dennis (@SophieDennis)

Talk: Working in Harmony

Cross-discipline collaboration is fundamental to web design. We need to stop arguing about who – content, design or development – is most important and gets the final say, and work together to create delightful, meaningful experiences for our users. A life-long amateur musician, Sophie thinks the centuries’ old practice of musical performance and notation can teach us a lot about our 20-year-old practice of web design. She’ll talk about how music shows those arguments about whose role is most important are bogus, why Beethoven explains writers’ love of WYSIWYG interfaces, and what folk music can teach Twitter about the nature of an API.


Sophie is an independent web producer and project manager, passionate about the power of collaborative teams to deliver great user experiences. One-half of web consultancy, Cayenne, she specialises in content strategy and UX architecture. She lives with husband and business partner, Andy Robinson, on Dartmoor in Devon, where they run digpen, the grassroots community for web designers and developers in the South Wes

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I got bored of waiting for a web conference (of the type I wanted) to come to South Wales, so (with the amazing help of Twitter), this is what we achieved.

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