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Port80 2013 – Round Up

Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by joel

Port80 2013 was a week ago today so that seems a good point to get out a closing ceremony blog out there…

First up let’s give you links to the speakers slides

Videos will be online at some point (nudge nudge Jess).

You should also check out the fantastic sketch notes which Kevin Mears put on his blog – what a talented chap!

Photos (by Paul Cornish) are now up on Flickr (some random ones in the slideshow below).




    I’m not going to do a lengthy feedback form but please email me or tweet me if you have any thoughts about the event; especially stuff which can help make it a sell out event again next year. If there are any topics you’d like to see covered, if there is anyone you’d like to hear speak etc then please shout out.

    My personal feedback next year is that I’m going to get some more help setting up and running the event! By spending most of the day in “organisation mode” you tend to miss some of the fun of the day – still, I made up for it by beating Jack Franklin in a dance off 😉

    What’s next?

    There will be a Port80 2014 – I’ll be booking the venue shortly.

    The next Port80 Localhost event will be on Aug the 22nd – more details soon.

    This year we have a special Winter Localhost as it’ll be tied in the Handheld conference, we’ll be doing the day before mini, evening, event thingy.

    I’m also mulling a sort of “back to school” event in Sept. No conference, just affordable, hands on workshops to help skill up after the summer break. This will only work if I can get some decent sponsors on board. If you have any thoughts, please get in touch.


    A massive thanks to everyone who attended. The conference market is pretty crowded and the fact that you took time out, put your hand in your pocket and helped make #port80 2013 the special day it was, makes all the difference. Thank you.

    Massive thanks to all the speakers – they did an absolutely fantastic job. A really interesting mix of talks reflecting the whole spectrum of topics.

    Big thanks to Russ Britton for his organisation help on the day and for the University of South Wales for their lovely venue; special thanks to Emma Burnell for her fantastic help as events co-ordinator & to Sean Hambleton for his a/v & venue set up expertise. Oh, and big #port80 ‘best of luck‘ to Emma who is expecting a baby and won’t be around for #port80 2014.

    Thanks also to my wife Jess for being in charge of the video filming (more details on that soon) and to Paul Cornish for his photography skills.

    Final thanks to the sponsors of Memset, Hearth Internet, Newport City Council and Five Simple Steps.

    See you next year



    Port80 2013 – Attendee Information

    Posted on: May 7th, 2013 by joel

    The venue is the City Campus university building next to the river in central Newport (if you jump in a taxi do NOT head to Caerleon…that would be the wrong campus!).

    Please bring along a printed copy of your eventbrite ticket or on your smartphone app. If you have neither, then please make sure you have ID to prove you are how you say you are. People pretending to be someone else will be forced to live in Newport. Forever.

    The venue is about a 10 min stroll from the railway station and less from the bus.

    Need a cheap hotel?

    Here is the official #Port80 Foursquare list of stuff in Newport, that should help you find your way around.

    Time’s winged chariot 

    As you can see from the running order for the day, registration is open from 08:15. We’ve got a lot of people to get through the doors so the #Port80 cherub would appreciate you turning up early.

    We kick off proceedings at 09:00 sharp.



    The canteen will be open for lunch but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer – there’s other venues* on the Foursquare list (* chip shops).



    If you need a taxi:

    • 01633 216216
    • 01633 271971
    • 01633 253253

    (if you are staying in a hotel, maybe use the #port80 Twitter tag to help find someone else who’s staying there to share a cab to the venue)


    The Evening Before The Event (the 9th)

    Errr…I’ve not organised anything for that but, if I had a few hours to kill, I’d probably head over to Ye Olde Murenger ale house and get plastered drink sensibly as there is a conference the next day. If you’re around in the day on the 9th and want somewhere to work; try Indycube.

    The After Show Party

    From 19:00 after the conference we’ll be at Revolution in Newport – we have the upstairs bar. You will need your lanyard etc to get in so please bring those with you. Oh, and we do have a limited supply of free drinks vouchers and those will vanish on a first come first serve basis. So, if you want a drink on the cherub, better turn up on the dot.






    Port80 2012 – The Video

    Posted on: April 29th, 2013 by joel

    With Port80 2013 just around the corner, let’s take a look back to where it all started

    p.s. less than x20 tickets left for this year’s event so better snap it up now

    Port80 2013 – Running Order

    Posted on: April 22nd, 2013 by joel

    Well, all of a sudden, Port80 2013 is very close indeed! How did that happen? I thought it was bloody miles off?!

    Here’s a quick post to lay out the first draft of the running order for the day:

    Obviously this is all subject to change and there will be a final version available on the day.

    See you there 🙂

    p.s. not got a ticket? Naughty you! Sort it out right now!


    1. For registration please remember to bring along your printed eventbrite confirmation or on your mobile app. Please also bring some form of ID in case things get hairy. If you’ve got a student ticket, please bring along the relevant documentation.
    2. Lunch is not included but the university canteen will be open. If you want to try some of Newport’s finest instead, check out the official Foursquare list.


    Port80 2013 – Workshops

    Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by joel

    The Port80 cherub is pleased to announce that a limited number of workshops will be running on the day before the main Port 80 2013 conference coming up this May (workshops will be on the 9th, the main event is on the 10th).

    The workshops will be at the lovely City Campus, University of Wales (Newport) location (the same venue as the main Port80 event). Now, sadly, the Uni is short on space as it’s their busy time then so we’re not able to run the amount of workshops the cherub would like (never mind though, a bigger training event is being mulled for September).

    What’s on offer?

    Currently we’ve got three workshops running:

    Practical Website Speed Workshop (Andy Davies)

    9th May, afternoon session (13:30-17:00)

    Here, web performance brainiac (and Port80 speaker) Andy Davies will be giving a practical, half day session on why performance matters, the tools you can use to analyse, and techniques and tips to get things zipping along. It’s hands on & practical so you’d better bring your laptop.

    Tickets are available on Eventbrite at standard £79 (+VAT) and student £49 (+VAT)


    Beginners Javascript Workshop –  (Jack Franklin)

    9th May, morning session (09:00-12:30)

    This morning & afternoon Javascript sessions are run by Port80 2013 speaker, JavaScript developer and blogger Jack Franklin.

    This workshop is for those who have done HTML and CSS but have not dived into JavaScript. We’ll look at all the basic parts that form the JavaScript language: variables, conditionals, loops, functions, and so on. We’ll look at the DOM and how to write scripts that run in the browser that can manipulate the page. We’ll then round off with a quick look at jQuery too.

    Tickets are available on Eventbrite at standard £79 (+VAT) and student £49 (+VAT)


    Advanced Javascript Workshop –  (Jack Franklin)

    9th May, afternoon session (13:30-17:00)

    Done the basics of JavaScript and lots of jQuery but still not comfortable with JavaScript as a whole? This workshop’s for you. We’ll look into the more complex and often overwhelming and misunderstood parts of the language, such as constructors, prototypes and a lot more. Learn how to write robust code, abstract away from cross-browser inconsistencies and look at some newer JavaScript features that have only been introduced recently.

    Tickets are available on Eventbrite at standard £79 (+VAT) and student £49 (+VAT)


    Please shout out if you have any questions.

    You’re lovingly

    The #Port80 Cherub

    Port80 2013 – new website & new tickets

    Posted on: January 31st, 2013 by joel

    On the 31st of Jan last year I blogged about the crazy idea of a web conference in Newport. 115 days later we had the first Port80 conference on the 25th of May 2012. The event was sold out and, if I do say so myself, it was a cracking day.

    Since then we’ve have two localhost events with another coming up next week: sold out with 40+ people attending. Wow.


    Port80 2013 – Tickets coming soon…

    Posted on: January 30th, 2013 by joel

    Ok, we’re on the countdown to launching the tickets for Port80 on the 10th of May (awesome line up here) &, as I’m pretty sure that the Earlybirds will vanish quickly into a puff of smoke, I just thought I’d explain what’s going to happen.

    Firstly, sometime tonight (30th of Jan 2013) I’ll send out an email to the folks on the newsletter list, people on that will get first dibs before the tickets are fully announced to the world and before the new website is launched.

    Then, tomorrow (31st of Jan) I’ll blog again, releasing the new website and tweeting it to the world.

    We sold out last year pretty quickly and I think we will do in record time again. We have a cosy capacity of 140 so Port80 tickets will quickly be as rare as rocking horse poop…

    Oh, ticket prices will be as follows:

    Earlybird: £59 (+VAT)

    Standard: £79 (+VAT).

    …fingers on the buttons ladies and gentlemen


    Port80 2013 – Announcing the speakers…

    Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by joel

    Finally it’s time to reveal the line up we’ve got for the main Port80 2013 event coming up on May the 10th here in Newport.

    I’ll post full talk/speaker details soon but I thought it might be nice to kick off with a short audio by each of the speakers. I have to say that, in writing this post, I got real buzz about the mix of talks and I think we’ll have an even better day than last year (is that even possible you cry?!).

    Tickets are not yet on sale! – tickets will be available at the end of the month and their release will be announced via the Port80 email newsletter. The event sold out quickly last time and I think it’ll sell out in record time this year. So, if you want to be ahead of the pack, I’d sign up to the monthly. newsletter. Oh, and don’t forget to follow on twitter as well.

    Port80 May 2013 – The Lineup

    So, without further ado and in no particular order…here are the speakers:

    Rachel Shillcock

    Andy Davies

    Robin Christopherson

    Paul Lloyd

    Sophie Dennis

    Benjy Stanton

    Jack Franklin

    Matt Andrews

    A MASSIVE thanks to all these kind folks for stepping forward and speaking, like a big kid I’m really excited about hearing these ladies & gentlemen speak. Another massive thanks to all the other folks who submitted talks but who I was unable to fit in; thank you for taking the time and please stay in touch.


    P.s. don’t forget we’ve got a cracking line up (but limited tickets left) for the next Localhost event in Feb.

    Spring Localhost 2013

    Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by joel

    Happy new year everyone! I hope Santa visited you; a cherished present I had was a poster from Atari signed by Mr Nolan Bushnell himself – nice 🙂

    Anyway, it’s 2013 so it’s time for me to start thinking of all things Port80. The speakers for the big May event (& the tickets) will be announced shortly but first I just want to get the Spring* Localhost launched which is coming up fast on Thursday the 7th of February (evening event: 18:30 to 20:30)

    (*I realise that calling February ‘Spring’ is a stretch but bear with me…)

    Tickets available on Eventbrite for a pathetic £4!

    Spring Localhost Speakers

    I’ll get to the speakers in a mo but first I’ll apologise for not having their talk titles in here; I’ll get those sorted as soon as the emails land until then you’ll just have to let your imagination run riot as to what these crazy horses will say/do; it will obviously be web related…well, apart from Zach…he really is crazy!

    Update: all done!

    Emma Boulton

    “Getting to know your audience doesn’t need to be difficult”

    Good web designers and developers appreciate the importance of understanding the audience they are designing or building a website or app for but of course there isn’t always budget or time available to undertake in depth user research on every project. Emma shares her hints, tips and practical advice for including user research in any size of project.

    Emma Boulton spends her days juggling the demands of her two small businesses and two small children. At work she’s a strange combination of company director, UX researcher, and commissioning editor. At home she just tries to make it through to bedtime without too much chaos. In a calmer, previous life, she spent far too long working for the BBC in their audience research department.

    Zach Inglis

    “Design, for Everyone!”

    Whether you have an interest in learning design, or working with designers, it’s a handy skill to know. Zach carries on his fight of making design accessible for everyone.

    Zach is a designer/developer c-c-combo and has worked at some of the top companies in his field despite having no formal training. He runs his tiny agency, Superhero Studios in Cardiff and building his startup

    Carey Hiles

    “Whine, Lose or Draw: Spec Work Sucks!”

    Whine, lose or draw, spec work sucks but if you do it right, it can form a genuine learning and development programme. Carey will talk about applying agile techniques to the process of pitching for business and make sure you win even when you lose.

    Carey is the Development Manager at Box UK. In a role that straddles the guts of software development and board-level strategic decision-making, Carey has a much deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts of software than many other web specialists, with a particular interest in large system design, scalability and commoditization of web technology

    Money, money

    Don’t stone me but sadly the Localhost events will have to be charged for; they will move from ‘free‘ to ‘minimal charge’ for the following reasons:

    1. The university charge me for use of the room; so far I’ve paid for this (aw bless!)
    2. Some people book tickets, the event sells out & then just don’t show up = unfair on folks who wanted to come

    However, this isn’t a money-grabbing affair, this is just to cover bare bones room cost cost and help keep bums on seats. The cost per ticket will be:

    £4 only!

    …yes, that’s £4. Four whole pounds. Four of your British currency slabs.

    >> Book your ticket via eventbrite <<

    What are you waiting for?


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