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New Venue!

Posted on: March 15th, 2012 by joel

With 71 days to go before kickoff, I’m pleased to announce a lovely new venue for port80 Newport on the 25th of May. The venue will now be hosted by University of Wales Newport in their lovely, new campus building.

Google Maps link to the general area.

Here’s an old Instagram shot with the building behind one of Newport’s bridges – the pedestrian Usk Walkway.


The new venue has come about not only because the University wish to be inolved but because the venue & location solve a few organisationsal problems. For one thing there is an excellent on site canteen. For another thing, the venue is more centrally located in the town, only 10 mins walk from train station, cheap parking nearby etc. The excellent lecture theatre we have booked also gives us increased capacity.


This partnership with the university will also mean than many interested students will also have access to the event. A good plus point for the community at large.


Full details to follow on the new website.

I’ll leave you with some more of my, ahem, Instagram masterpieces…


PDF Flyer

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by joel

Someone emailed in the other day and wanted a PDF flyer which they can put up in their workplace etc.

So, using all my InDesign skills (i.e. none!), I’ve come up with this low rent masterpiece (don’t slag it off tooooo much eh?!)

…I’m hoping that Russell Britton (aka @Brandnatter), will add a little polish to it…pretty please 😉


Download this file

Early Bird Tickets Sold Out

Posted on: March 5th, 2012 by joel

I’m pleased to say that all the 35 early bird tickets are now sold out. But, if you’ve not yet paid, don’t panic – the standard price for this fledgling event is only a £10 more…

I’m very surprised & happy that these tickets have flown out the door so quickly; we’ve got a way to go before the event so it looks like we’ll have a decent number – well done everyone for your support so far.

It might the case that there will be a third, more expensive ticket price point come the (say) last two weeks leading up to the event, so, best to try and get your tickets in soon.

I’m also speaking to some very important bodies about this event so I should have some great news coming soon.


All change!

Posted on: February 27th, 2012 by joel

It’s been a whistle stop tour since the whole port80 thing was kicked off less than a month ago. All the Speakers have been sorted, a venue agree and, more importanlty, near 3/4 of the early bird tickets have already gone. Wow!

The website was nothing more than a Tumblr theme, fair enough – I wanted to keep time/costs to a minimum and it seemed to fit the back-of-a-fag-packet bill. However, it’s started to bug me, it does look a little pants and is not the ideal solution – especially for a web conference.

So I’ve decied to replace it with some a little more fitting. 

Kicking things off with Bootstrap

When the situation means that I do have to roll up my sleaves and code, I normally build everything by hand (bar normalize.css, jquery libraries etc obviously!) but I wanted to try something a little different this time. I’ve heard good things about Twitter’s Bootstrap frontend framework so I thought this would be an ideal project to play with.

I’m not going to pretend that this project will be able to get exactly the TLC which projects do at my day job at Jojet but I’m thinking that the audience will be pretty forgiving (as long as it’s not crap of course) and it’ll be an interested work in progress and perhaps fuel a few blog posts on its own.

Oh, and here’s a sneak preview

No more dithering

If I’m 100% honest I think I’d also say that I Tumblr was an easier route because I’m not a world class designer. I’ve always been a mix of creative, frontend builder & backend builder – not excelling in any but pretty competent in all. 

This mix used to annoy me but I’ve come to just embrace it – so, the 2nd version of the port80 website will be my creation (with a lot of help from Bootstrap ;).

The site should be live next week and I’ll blog again then about what’s working well and….what’s not working so well 😉


p.s. here’s a very early, sneak peek, as you can see, Bootstrap shining through 🙂


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