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Wristband Competition – now open to everyone!

Posted on: June 16th, 2012 by joel


We’re running a wristband competition for a free ticket for Port80 2013 (yes there will be one, in fact I was doing some organsation for it today). And as a nice bonus I want to throw this competition open to folks who couldn’t make it to the are event (fools they are!). Read more to see how to get your free wristband and to join in…


The Wristband Competition

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by joel

You remember that lovely yellow wristband you took away from Port80 2012? You didn’t throw it away did you?! Good. In which case, read on..

Update: if you haven’t got a wristband, you can still join in!

Wear It With Pride

The gist of the competition is this; keep wearing your yellow wristband and if you visit an unusual location etc (could be exotic like The Sychelles or more down to Earth such as Sue’s Cafe in Newport Market) then take a snap of you wearing your wristband and tweet it (just make sure you include the #port80 hashtag and @port80events tag.)

Each month* I’ll review your tweets & declare a winner. Prize is a free ticket to next year’s event.

*Update: Every once in a while, when I get round to it 😉

How does that sound?

Update: lost your wristband or never hand one but want to join in? 


p.s. yeah, I know the wristband will get a bit minging, but that’s half the fun 😉

p.p.s as of the 6th of July 2012, my wristband is still in pretty good shape 🙂

The Small Print

This aint exactly written in legal speak but…

  1. No cash prize alternative
  2. This is obvioulsy on the basis there is an event next year. I see absolutely no reason why not at the moment (indeed, I’m already looking at suitable venues).
  3. You can only win one ticket.
  4. A maximum of ten tickets will be handed out.
  5. It must be obvious from your photo that this is an offical port80 wristband, and not a couple of strands of spaghetti etc.
  6. The wristband needs to be on your wrist in the photo.
  7. The wristband needs to be attached to your person (this could be dangerous!)

Thank you

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by joel


What a day.

Everything just seemed to go well.

Registration? No problem (thanks Russ)

Audio & Visual? No problem (thanks Rich & Sean from the Uni).

Big thanks to all the speakers who did an awesome job: Andy Davies (my personal fave talk, it takes a gift to make TCP packet fragmentation accessible to a range of people!), Relly Annett-Baker, Rich Quick, Dan Gates, Cole Henley, Rob Mills, Tom Lloyd, Craig Lockwood and, I suppose, me (Joel Hughes).

Thanks also to Eleanor on stills photography and my wife Jess on video*

The team at the Uni include Sean, Emma, Cheryl, Dewi & Morna. Thanks.

Thanks also to Newport City Council.

Biggest thanks to all the attendees who bought into the day and seemed to get so much out of it.

Suffice to say that there WILL be a Port80 2013 (as well as the other, smaller, free events) and I’m taking the step to say we are claiming the #port80 hashtag.

I will be sending out a questionaire to gather feedback to improve the event for next year (and to find out who you guys want to listen to!).




p.s. hang on to your wristbands…there’s a competition lurking there 😉


*We weren’t shooting the full video of each talk so please don’t expect all talks to be online.




Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by joel

Hi all,

well, port80 is just about on us and I thought I’d confirm the Twitter (or Instagram) hashtag on the day.


(I didn’t go for the obvious port80 as that seemed to be in small scale use in Sydney and didn’t want to rudely trample on it).

If you have a question for one of the speakers during the day and are too shy to put your hand up and warble into the travelling mic, then please send a reply to the @port80events account with perhaps “Q.” on the front of your question (to make it more obvious to our weary eyes). Include the hashtag if you want to give greater visiblity of course.

Not swamping your regular followers

Some of your followers may not want to hear about your #p80N tweets (those fools!!). In which case you may wish to do the following:

If you prefix your #p80N tweet with @chatonly, then your regular followers will be spared the tweet. @chatonly was set up for this specific, muting, follower friendly, twitter chat reason (more here).

(You may think you can achieve this my mentioning the @port80Events account but, obviously, we’d rather not see the tweet as a mention to us unless it’s a question or you specifically need something from us etc).

See you Friday!


p.s. oh! don’t forget to checkin on 4SQ as well, port80 has been added.

p.p.s. if you have a smart phone, download the eventbrite app as it can help check you in quicker.


Parking etc

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by joel

Hi troops,

seeing as Port80 is right on top of us now, I just wanted run through parking etc.

I’ve created a custom map of Newport with a few important pointers on there (I’ll add more if needed).

On the map you’ll see:

The Train Station

Google Map is a little old though as it looks like a building site (no laughing please!). The station has been completed now and looks dang funky. Walking time to Port80 from here is about 10 mins.

Port80 (@ University of Wales Newport, City Campus)

Port80 is being held at the pretty impressive University of Newport City Campus sat right on the bank of the river. On the map I’ve plonked the port80 logo right on top of it.

NCP Car Park (expensive!)

*AVOID* This is a big multi storey located off the central, castle roundabout in Newport. Pretty expensive though – your best bet is to part at Kingway (which is damn closer to Port80 anyhow).

Kingsway Centre Parking (cheap as chips!)

Right next to the University where port80 is being held. Much cheaper than the NCP. Park here.

Revolution Bar

A decent sized bar and food place. We’ll be heading here after the event ends. I’ve reserved space for 25 to eat; please let me know if you’re joining us (that’s not to say you can’t eat if your name is not down; it’s just that I’ve warned them about 25).


If you simply want to ram a burger down your throat and get on to the beer (post event I hope). Then Maccy D’s is here.

Ye Old Murenger

Probably the best boozer in Newport I’d say. Sure I’ll be in here at some point on Friday night.

Etap Hotel

Some of you are staying here on the Thursday night. A mini-bus will be arranged to take you to port80 at 08:20 on the 25th. After that you’re on your own.




The Olympic Torch

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by joel

On the 25th of May there will be two ground breaking events taking place in Newport. One, we obvioulsy know about,  is our very own amazing web conference (excuse me whilst I blow my own trumpet…so to speak), the other thing is the Olympic Torch will be paying a visit.

As luck would have it, the Olympic torch will be passing through Newport (the first Welsh city it touches) on the very same day as Port80.

Please find attached a PDF giving full information but the key reason I mention this is that this will incur some minor disruption; however, according to this flyer, that should be all done and dusted before 17:00.

On the flyer map, you’ll find the (unmarked) University is alongside the Riverfront building (marked with a 1 on the map).


The Deal for Students

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by joel

If you ARE a University of Wales (full time) Student

You are in luck, there is a limited set of free tickets for you. Please get in touch and I’ll point you to the right person.

If you are a full time student elsewhere

There is an incredibly limited set of reduced price tickets for you here:

Please select the cryptically titled “Students (who are NOT UoWN)” ones…

To avoid tears, please bring full proof of your student(ness) when you register on the day. And no, a letter from your mum does not count.

If you are a student who has already bought a ticket, sorry, I can’t really do much about that. Hell, stop complaining! It’s pretty cheap as it is!…bloody students (mutter mutter 😉



….and finally!

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by joel

Finally we get the new website off the launchpad!

Many thanks to Russell Britton for his initial help on the identity work, massive thanks to Tim Denton on design & build elements and thanks to Ben Lumley for various techy help.


ps Oh, and don’t forget, if you’d like to speak (10 to 15 mins) at the small, port80 localhost event iJune (evening affair, 10 odd people I’d say). Then please shout out – don’t be shy!

Update & News for Students

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by joel

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the quiet recently (I want on holiday by mistake last week, camping in the mud) & delay in getting the new website live, this is entirely my fault as I’m snowed under with other projects at the moment. It will get there though! I’m not panicing about getting it live asap as a) tickets are selling nicely at the mo and b) the main website is to be there for not only this May event but the ongoing, smaller, localhost events as well.

Ticket Sales

We’ve got just under 40 days to go before #p80N kicks off and there are only 25 standard tickets left. If you want to come, I would book now….

Students (Newport & Beyond)

As part of our deal with the University of Newport for hosting the event, we have set aside a number of tickets for university of Newport, full time students to attend free. These tickets will be managed by Newport Uni themselves but get in touch if you want to know more (they will supply me a link to their eventbrite listing soon).

However, if you are not a Newport Uni student then I’m hoping to offer the early bird deal for you (you’ll have to bring student proof etc with you on the day, if you try to cheat the system we’ll chain you to a lampost in Newport on a Friday night). There will be a very limited number of these so shout out if you want to be on the reserve list.

It’s exam time for students around then so if many can’t attend this may release a few tickets back into the main pot; we’ll see how it goes.

Other Stuff

Please also shout out if you’re interested in presenting at one of the localhost events, they will be smaller and less intimidating so it would also be ideal if you want to get used to public squeaking speaking.


New Website & New Events

Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by joel

Deep in the labs at Jojet Towers, a new website brewing for the upcoming web conference event (only 67 days to go – gulp!) and I just wanted wanted to get a proper sneak preview out there…


Sharp eyed listeners (eh?!) may point out that this is not the Twitter Bootstrap example that was previewed a while ago. True, what happened was I decided to bite the bullet and turn this into a full project (rather than something I was mucking around with in my spare time); this meant that my usual team would work on it; the event felt like it deserved it.

Launch date? I’m not holding a gun to my head but I’d like to have it up by the time the countdown clock flicke over to 50.

Future Events

The website will, at some point (probably in June), start to showcase upcoming, smaller, monthly events which will also take place. These smaller (free) monthly events are currently being called “localhost” events and will be evening affairs covering a specific topic (held at the Newport Uni City Campus, like the main event).

If you are interested in speaking at any of these localhost events, please shout out.




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